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Outlook macro to parse emails into an Excel sheet


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Ascending Post Order for Category Pages in WordPress 2012

Took me a while to get this working. Requires a hosted version of WordPress; I don’t think this sort of thing is possible if you’re using a free WordPress. Edit the main wordpress query to set ascending order on category

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White Space in Code

Does white space matter? You bet it does. Is it easy to define the rules for something as simple as when you should and should not insert a blank line? No. I’ve never written or read a concise and unambiguous

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TDD is dead?

Ah, the good old “Is TDD dead?” debate. Such fun. I was listening to the same old arguments going round in circles, and I’ve heard them so often I was able to sit back and ponder, and had a couple

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Unit Testing Freemarker Templates

I encountered a defect arising from a Freemarker template, fixed it, and then wanted a better way of testing it than firing up the app and checking the effects visually in a browser. Ignoring for a minute whether or not

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Hamcrest JSON Matchers

I couldn’t find a Hamcrest matcher for JSON that worked how I wanted, so I adapted the JsonAssert library. This allows you to use dot notation to specify the path to a node in a json string, and use any

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Why Clean Code Matters

An old favourite: For three days and nights the Java master did not emerge from his cubicle. On the fourth day the monks of the temple sent a novice to inquire after him. The novice found the master at his

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Dangerous Words

A department trialing the use of agile in a predominantly waterfall organisation sent a status update to the traditionalists in program management. It contained the phrase “backlog of technical debt”. To us in the Scrum world, that means one thing,

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Scrum Task Board Tips

Call it your story wall, call it your agile board, call it your scrum wall, call it what you like. I call it a task board, and I like to keep it simple. If you’re in a situation where you

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Bean Mapping With ModelMapper

I’ve never found a satisfactory method for mapping bean properties. They always add too much ugly set-up code, especially for conditional mapping or type conversions. Perhaps ModelMapperĀ is the best so far. Let’s say you have a source bean with a

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